We Are Family

Retreat 2015-16Here we are, Expressions! Another year of fun and excitement with the B.G. Choir has come to an end and the new year has just begun! As a fourth year parent, heading into this year is bittersweet as my son is now a senior. However, the memories that we have shared while participating in this wacky and fun choir have truly been unforgettable.

Our year wrapped up with BIG SHOW 2015. After an exciting year of competitions, performances and long rehearsals, I know that the annual retreat at Nippersink Resort was a welcome experience for the Expressions! While on the retreat, there were lots of fun highlights, from the time spent talking to each other and learning new and exciting things about people you thought you already knew, to team building activities and recharging from the grueling performance season. This retreat further enforced the bond that makes the BGHS choir so awesome. While on the retreat, there were also opportunities to build the team mentality and work on creating an even more positive attitudes. Through the entire weekend we learned that The Expressions isn’t just a show choir, we are a family! Your dedication and hard work is inspirational to your parents. We can tell that the time spent on the retreat were appreciated and really meant a lot to everyone.

As the new school year begins, I want you to all the things we hope to accomplish this year and how much energy and community we need to move forward into this new season. The experiences that our students gain from being a part of such an enthusiastic, talented and versatile group will be invaluable as we watch them transition into adulthood and begin to pursue their own personal dreams.

In addition, as a parent, I want to personally say thank you for being such a positive and uplifting force at Buffalo Grove High School, from the singers and dancers, to the band, crew, directors and choreographers; YOU show us what it means to work hard and take pride in what you do.

You have the support of your family, friends and the entire community as you begin the 2015-2016 season. You are truly the best in show and we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this season with your Imagination!