The Start of The Expressions Experience…from a Newbie Parent

FullGroupI have heard some of the war stories. The long hours, the commitments, and the travel. The blood, sweat, and tears everyone puts into The Expressions. And that’s just the parents! But seriously, as a newbie to the Expressions family, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There are committees, fund raisers, camps, and retreats. All of this is meant to give the Expressions as much support as possible which results in great performances. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

My son, Lev, is a freshman and a new singer/dancer in The Expressions. He went to the show choir camp and more recently the Nippersink retreat. I was really looking forward to seeing him perform with the entire group and see Ms. Utley’s handiwork. The kids took the stage with a flourish…and wow! The music sounded great. The kids energy filled the room and they really seemed to be in sync. The vocals were good too. Each one had a smile on their face. If that’s what they can do after a relatively short time learning and practicing the dance steps and songs I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Speaking of what’s next, I think it’s Fall Show. I have no doubt it will be fantastic. Our Expressions family has work to do. There will be sewing, marketing, posters, and printing. There will be accounting, baking, and committee meetings to attend. Possibly blood, sweat and tears. After seeing the retreat performance and what the Expressions can accomplish in a few days I already know it’ll be worth it.

Jared Simon