The Choral Guild

About The Buffalo Grove High School Choral Guild:

The purpose of the Choral Guild is to provide support and assistance to all the various groups and programs of the choral department at Buffalo Grove High School. It is led by the Choral Director, in tandem with the Choral Guild Board Officers and Members, along with input from the parents of the participants.

The Board meets about once per month to plan and review programs, revenues and budgets for the year. The Choral Guild is the sole funding entity supporting the choral department programs. The Choral Guild subsidizes the student fees to make them affordable and is totally dependent upon fundraising and donations.

Choral Director:
Debora Utley

2016 – 2017 Choral Guild Officers and Board

Robin Hackl

Vice President:
Amy North

Amy and Ken Johnson

Jill Goodmanson

Board Members:
Rose Babic
Kathleen Johnston
Cynthia Kirsh
Sharon Klein
Julie Lee
Dan Olbur
Valerie Pecoraro
Tom Reed