Choral Information


Buffalo Grove High School Choral Department

General Information: Choir

Instructor: Ms. Debora Utley
Help available before/after school – Choir office
School Phone: 847.718.4161
Twitter @bgbisonchoir

Choral Department Forms and calendars:

BG Choir Calendar 2014-2015


Miscellaneous scores of choral music

Sight-reading handouts

 Required Supplies:

Choral folder with music
Staff paper (to be provided)
Handouts (to be provided)

Homework Policy:

Students who work on the choral literature individually will find their skills improving rapidly. Practice outside of class in strongly encouraged.

 Expected Time Commitment:

Choral Literature Practice – 45 – 60 minutes per week

Concert Performances – see Choral Calendar

District VII/All State Selections – 20-30 minutes per day (Sept-Oct)

Class Attendance & Tardiness:

Daily attendance, timeliness to class, and participation will positively affect your grade. There is no substitute for the classroom experience that is gained by regular attendance and participation in all class activities.

Conversely, unexcused absences, repeated tardiness, and truancies can only have a negative effect on your overall classroom experience and, therefore, on you quarter grade. You are accountable for your grade. Your effort, attendance, punctuality, and participation are all elements you control.

Grading Policy: Choir

Grade Scale:
A 90 – 100%
B 80 – 89%
C 70 – 79%
D 60 – 69%
F 59 – 0%

Semester Grades:

Semester Grades are based on the letter average of two Quarter grades (each worth 40%) and the Semester Exam (worth 20%). The Semester Exam may consist of a Quartet performance, individual sight-singing test, tonal skills, and a written exam.

Quarter Grades:

Quarter Grades will be based on a numerical (not letter) average of performance in the activities listed below.

40% Daily Class Participation
Exceptional effort A
Good effort B
Average effort C
Below average effort D
Poor effort F

35% Concert Performance

Points are same as for Daily Class Participation Please note: Concerts are mandatory. Non-attendance at a concert for any reason will result in a loss of all the points designated for that concert. A make-up assignment may be issued if the absence is excused.

15% Written Assignments/Tests

Standard Grading Scale

10% Vocal Testing
Sight-singing Sung correctly = A
Triads Sung incorrectly = F
Tonal Memory
Choral Literature
Concert Attendance

Concert attendance in the Buffalo Grove High School Choral Program is MANDATORY! It is of the utmost importance that we have 100% attendance for all our choral performances. Each member of the choir is crucial to the success of our performance. Each choir is a team and any absence is unfair to the rest of the group. We all work very hard to do our best and one person can make all the difference. EACH STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL PERFORMANCES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, NO EXCEPTIONS. A MISSED PERFORMANCE WILL RESULT WITH A LOWERED GRADE. (See syllabus for concert percentage)

 Concert Attire

Freshman & Treble Choir
All singers must dress nicely in a skirt/blouse or dress.
Black hose & black closed-toe dress shoe with at least 2-inch heel. No boots.
Jewelry = One set of earrings, one ring per hand, no watches or bracelets
Hair must be clean and styled

Concert Choir & Chamber Choir

Concert Choir will be loaned the proper wardrobe.

Women = Choir dress, black hose, black closed-toe dress shoes with at least 2-inch heel. No boots. Women will purchase proper earrings and necklace $10. No watches or bracelets.
Hair must be clean and styled.

Men = Tux pants, jacket, vest. Men will purchase white tux shirt $15.
Men will wear black socks with black dress shoes.
No jewelry.
Hair must be clean and styled.

By Popular Demand

Wardrobe will be determined after group is selected.

Missed Concerts

Students who miss a concert performance with an EXCUSED ABSENCE only, must complete the following Composer Report in order to receive full credit for the missed performance.

Composer Report

Follow the guidelines below:

1. See Ms. Utley the first day you are back in school following your performance absence. Ms. Utley will give you a composer to research and the date the report is due. Typically the report will be due one week from the day it is assigned.

2. Report must be two (2) pages typed, double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman font

3. Bibliography must include at least three (3) sources, only two (2) online sources. Copies of the on-line sources must be included.
4. Final paper should include:

a. Cover Page
b. Body of Paper
c. Bibliography
d. Copies of on-line sources

10 Rules for Success in Choir

1. Be on time
2. Respect your director
3. Respect your peers
4. No gum
5. No food or drink, except water
6. Drink lots of water
7. Be prepared
8. Be present
9. Give as close to 100 % as you can
10.Have fun!

Musical Literacy

As a choral student at Buffalo Grove High School, you will have knowledge of healthy vocal technique, ensemble performance and musical language.

Vocal Technique

• Tone Quality
• Breath Management
• Dynamics
• Pitch
• Rhythm
• Diction

Ensemble Performance

• Individual skills and ensemble synergy
• Blend, balance and unity within sections and ensemble
• Conductor responsiveness and score reading
• Independence
• Written performance assessment

Musical Language

• Understanding and application of music symbols and vocabulary
• Working knowledge of all presented in the Musical Literacy Handout

Musical Literacy

1. Oral Skills

• Major scale
• Minor scales – natural, melodic, harmonic
• Chromatic scale
• Whole-tone scale
• Triads – major, minor, diminished, augmented
• Intervals
• Sight-singing
• Tonal memory
• Dictation – rhythmic, melodic

2. Musical Language – Unit One

• Staff
• Bar lines
• Measures/Bars
• Clefs
• Musical Alphabet
• Lines and Spaces
• Leger lines
• Notation

3. Musical Language – Unit Two

• Simple and Compound Meter
• Articulations
• Rhythm Counting
• Tempo
• Accidentals
• Solfege
• Dynamics
• Keyboard knowledge

4. Musical Language – Unit Three

• Key Signatures
• Chords
• Modulation
• Form