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Two years ago when I joined BG’s choir program I was excited to make memories and friendships to last a lifetime, little did I know I would be creating those memories, and strengthening those friendships in Europe.  The trip this summer made me fall in love with traveling. I’ll never forget places such as Venice, Jesolo, and Vienna. The trip included a day on the beach in Italy, and singing in some of Europe’s most astonishing churches. In all, this journey is something I can look back on for the rest of my life with a smile and countless memories.     ~Grace

My recent trip to Europe was a phenomenal and educational experience. I enjoyed the amazing sights such as the canals in Venice and the mountains in Austria. It was also a very educational tour, stopping at places like Mozart’s grave and various churches. One of my favorite parts were the performances, and I was astonished at the number of people who watched the Buffalo Grove band, orchestra, and choir. It was a trip I will never forget.    ~Chris

The trip to Europe was absolutely amazing. The opportunity to experience different cultures enriched my life, giving me new perspectives on the world. Both the landscape and cities were beautiful, and I enjoyed every second of being there.  From living for 5 days in a completely different family to performing in places where some of the greatest musicians of all time lived, this truly was a life changing experience. ~Jake

The trip to Europe was certainly enjoyable. It was fun to spend more time with the students and teachers I love, let alone in foreign countries. The places we journeyed to were historically interesting and visually interesting. My favorite place was definitely the Zugspitze Mountain in Seefeld, Austria. It was cool to ride to the top of a mountain that grandiose while also being atop it. The churches were also nice to see. The evolution of each one based on the time period. From the gothic architecture of Stephan’s Dom in Vienna, Austria to the Baroque nature of the Salzburg Cathedral in Salzburg, Germany. The Salzburg Cathedral was my favorite place to perform in, as well. The acoustics really improved the voices of all the singers and the general sound we created. The European tour was a very enlightening experience in both how the world operates outside of the US as well as how history has changed in the areas we visited.~Trevor

The trip to Europe was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. Going to Germany, Austria, and Vienna over a two week period was so much fun. Seeing the beauty of old architecture and the mountains was amazing. It was a lot of fun to preform where some of the greatest composers, like Mozart, lived. It was a very enriching and incredible trip.~Henry